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Tourist Attractions

National Botanical Gardens

The National Botanical Gardens of Uganda are located in Entebbe, Uganda. They were laid out in 1898 by the first curator A. Whyte close to the shore of Lake Victoria. The gardens are divided into different zones, including a rainforest zone. This rainforest formed the backdrop to scenes from the Tarzan films featuring Johnny Weissmuller, shot in the 1940s.

Notable animals and birds found in the gardens:
•Marabou Stork
•Black-and-white Colobus Monkey

Uganda Virus Research Institute

The Uganda Virus Research Institute (UVRI), located in Entebbe, Uganda, was established in 1936 as the Yellow Fever Research Institute by the Rockefeller Foundation. In 1950, after gaining regional recognition it was renamed the East African Virus Research institute (EAVRI). After the collapse of the East African Community in 1977, it became a Uganda Government public health research institution and was renamed the Uganda Virus Research Institute

The UVRI engages in health research pertaining to human infections and disease processes associated with or linked to viral aetiology and provides expert advice, enables partnerships and communication and serves as a center for training and education.

UVRI, an agency for environmental health and protection, is always engages in emergency preparedness. They are home to several national and international references and specialized testing laboratories. They are involved in regulation and policy development and continuous quality improvement; and performs as a disease prevention, control and epidemiology center. UVRI conducts public health related research.

The Uganda Wildlife Education Centre

The Uganda Wildlife Education Center is a fun and exciting place to see and learn about the animals of Uganda and the ecosystems in which they live. Take some time to learn how they live, eat, play, and talk.

Originally founded in the 1950′s to accommodate confiscated and injured wildlife, and to look after orphan animals taken away from smugglers, it has grown considerably in recent years. Many say it’s destined to become the most important showcase for wildlife in African continent.

Created by the government of Uganda with help of Wildlife Conservation Society in New York and managed by a Wildlife Trust, it never fails to delight. At UWEC you will come across free ranging Vervet monkeys and a family troop of DeBraza monkeys in the jungle of the hillside forest. Over 120 Bird species can be watched ranging from African fish Eagle, the great Blue Turaco, Hammerkops, Giant Kingfisher, to the smallest sun birds.

UWEC is not a zoo in a conventional sense and neither is it a Safari Park, but it is a center where wildlife education is combined with Leisure. Their main aim is to model the main ecosystem of this country in open range exhibits. Not only can you observe many of their most exciting indigenous species there, but comprehensive interactive interpretation and briefings on them are also given. If you are interested in Botany you will also find live collections of traditional medicinal plants.

Nkumba University

Nkumba University (NU) is a private university in Entebbe, Uganda. It was established in 1994 as part of a group of schools and colleges which originally grew from a kindergarten set up in 1951. The University is dedicated to the promotion of excellence in applied business education.

Mapeera Catholic Site, Kigungu

Entebbe is also home to the historical site in Kigungu where the first catholic missionaries Brother Amans and Father Mon Maple Lourdel landed to establish the catholic faith in Uganda.

Mabamba Bay

Mabamba Bay is a wetland on the edge of Lake Victoria, northwest of the Entebbe peninsula. Mabamba is one of Uganda's 33 Important Bird Areas and since 2006 a Ramsar-listed wetland of international importance.

Key protected bird species in Mabamba are:
  • Shoebill
  • Blue Swallow
  • Papyrus Gonolek
Malayaka House

Malayaka House was started in 2005 with the rescue of one child, Malayaka, and quickly grew as the local Ugandan Authorities found more children in desperate need of medical attention, proper nutrition, and a place they could call home. Once their founder Robert Fleming saw the state of these children – Bobo, Viola, John, Jimmy, Che – he could not turn away as so many others had. He accepted responsibility for these children and although he was just visiting the country at the time, he decided to find a place for everyone to live, scraped together some funding and quickly hired some women to help care for the ailing children who were now in his care. The orphanage home had been born, and it was named for the baby who started it all…Malayaka House.

Entebbe Golf Course

Entebbe is regarded as one of the better tracks in East Africa. It certainly rates highly in Uganda, vying with the Kampala course for No1 status. A very good selection of 18 holes makes excellent use of what might be termed 'rolling parkland', with gentle, and never taxing, undulations, and broad tree-lined fairways.

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